Trending lace Style Ankara Styles Of The Week.

The lovely Ankara is one fabric you will find in almost every Africans womans closet, This versatile material has been with us longer that most of us can remember and till date, its still waxing strong.

Ankara print continues to maintain a trend we just cant help but love, which is why we keep bring to you the amazing styles fashionista are rocking.lace@tife312- lace 1723300_1542118069404810_892260214_n (136) lace 6e2f37fc2c8e2e80733c06d909a1e25a lace 15731172817f3cb68c3ce9b08e38bac0 lace 52075b19654f455d98d89ceb44e07b92 lace style380bfe87ae44e683054b9938d7242ba0 lace 61b64a8452a56d6af7491629618019e1 lace 1723300_1542118069404810_892260214_n (300) lace 1723300_1542118069404810_892260214_n (299) lace@phil_baby    10 ashob lace@teetee_fowoplay lace@empressmami


My name is Esho Joyce.a mother of three lovely boys.I am a graduate from the university of Ibadan with BA in German.l am a fashion blogger and love my Job .

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