More Dose Of Aso ebi Styles From Ashob Featuring Anakara and Lace

More Dose Of Aso ebi Styles From The Ashob lookbook  Featuring Ankara and Lace As you know  ASHOB.COM  would always bring you the latest aso ebi styles and trends

lace  @feyiogundipe 12139825_533412623475853_975183785_n lace @liliciousbaby 12120311_853658118080736_297387451_n lace @biyiadeleke 12237468_539467406209422_1809988686_n lace  @fortune7whyte church lace 12107694_426275487581653_623766366_n lace  @getfitwithkosy 12224548_983929031649039_1883268927_n lace @funkeadepoju 12224500_1323742057638280_914838676_n lace 12132784_931838620242671_1074835192_n



My name is Esho Joyce.a mother of three lovely boys.I am a graduate from the university of Ibadan with BA in German.l am a fashion blogger and love my Job .

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