Collection of On-Point Aso Ebi Styles From Our Instagram fans

If you didnt know before, the ember months are alwayd flooded with plent of turning ups, from weddings, to birthdays and social function. These are months you will be seeing loads of Aso-Ebi trends like never before.
lace trouser cap @officialwaje

lace  @jeaneelcouture_official

lace 4  @@biodunapoola24 (2)

lace 4  @@biodunapoola24 (3)

lace 4  @@biodunapoola24 (4)

lace 4  @@biodunapoola24 (1)

lace 10 @sheilananamurewa


My name is Esho Joyce.a mother of three lovely boys.I am a graduate from the university of Ibadan with BA in German.l am a fashion blogger and love my Job .

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