Check Out How Career Women Slay Fashionable Outfits to work

12106224_893065347453282_1218443014_n @nosababy-workpwetty4u2nv sexydammy work curves-and-confidence-miami-style-blogger-what-to-wear-to-work-curvy-chic-office-outfit-how-curvy-girls-dress-for-work-how-to-wear-a-red-sheath-dress-682x1024 kim-kardashian-work-outfit-fashion-pheevawork miami+fashion+blogger,+curvy+fashion+blogger,+curvy+chic+office+outfit,+curvy+confidence,+what+to+wear+to+work,+trendy+chic+work+outfit,+how+curvy+girls+dress,+sheath+dress,+bold+shoulder+blazerNigerian fashionistas, can’t be joked with when pulling off an office fashion trend, as they have added so much creativity into their styling that we can’t help but love.
On top of their typical job duties, there’s a lot to worry about when it comes to your profession looks.

Curating an elegant work wardrobe is an art form. But luckily you don’t have to be an experienced stylist to know how to pull fashionable looks to work. You just have to know the formula for perfect work outfits.


My name is Esho Joyce.a mother of three lovely boys.I am a graduate from the university of Ibadan with BA in German.l am a fashion blogger and love my Job .

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